I’ve never had much respect for a man who publicly discusses the women he’s slept with, but I digress.

During a press run for his new BET series “Tales,” Irv Gotti sat down with Funkmaster Flex to discuss his career starting in the 90’s, working with Def Jam as an A&R director and working with Jay Z, DMX, and JaRule, Murder Inc, 50 Cent, Hip-Hop, and his intimate relationship with Ashanti. Oh, word?

Irv explained how Ashanti first came to Murder Inc, and how initially she wasn’t a priority because he was focused on Jay Z, DMX, and JaRule. He also made it clear that the “Baby” singer wasn’t the reason he and his wife divorced. The Murder Inc head honcho said he was wilding out even before he and the singer hooked up, so she wasn’t to blame for how his marriage ended. He took full responsibility for his actions, but says he and his ex-wife are best friends now. Fast forward to the 1:39 mark to here the conversation about his relationship with Ashanti.

Hearing about Irv Gotti’s illustrious career is amazing, but I just never understand why some guys feel the need to put their personal business out when it comes to who they had relationships with.  There is a such this as discretion.

Irv also discussed past issues with Nelly concerning Ashanti, and much more. Check out the full interview above. Warning, it’s over 2 hours, but totally worth watching if you want to hear about the behind the scenes stories of when Murder Inc was a contender in the music business.

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