August Alsina went through his fair share of pain and sadness before he dropped his first EP in four years, Forever and a Day last week. On Tuesday (Feb. 19), the New Orleans singer sat down for an interview and opened up about everything that's been on his mind, including the tragic death of his sister. Alsina does so as he tearfully recounts the process of raising his three nieces in the months after their mother's passing.

"They call me dommy, which is daddy and mommy put together, and just the weight of that title alone... because I don't have kids of my own," Alsina says about his relationship with his sister's children. "It makes me want to be what I know I need to be for them because I grew up with my father dead and having an estranged relationship with my mother so I know how it feels to go through life without having a person you can run to or a certain kind of foundation."

Alsina became the caretaker for his nieces after his sister Chandra passed away after a bout with cancer back in December. In a touching tribute video he posted to Instagram, Alsina confirmed the death of his sibling and emphasized how difficult it will be without her on Earth.

"I have trouble accepting the fact that you’re gone, so it’ll be like we’re just going for a while without seeing each other Someday hopefully I’ll find you where you are, where Peace is," Alsina said in the caption of Please say hello to Melvin & hug him for me, & just ask God to cover the emotions of the girls and allow their hearts to be open, accepting and able to receive love...I’m a DAD now & I have 3 daughters, & i don’t know the slightest thing about it or where to start but unfortunately I/we know loss too well. Rest In Peace my dearest sweet sister..You made it out of this hell hole."

Watch August Alsina open up about his new life as a dommy below.

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