August Alsina has offered a tidbit on his sex life, revealing the true reason why he's chosen to abstain from sex.

Following the release of his recent record "Shake the World" on Tuesday (April 5), which many deduced that the New Orleans-bred crooner was referencing his headline-making entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith, August held an impromptu Q&A with fans on Twitter where he spoke on withholding from sex.

While rappers like Kevin Gates and Joey Bada$$ have spoken on semen retention, their reasonings were a tad different, mostly attributing their actions to health benefits.

Nonetheless, in response to a fan who wrote August Alsina and said, "@AugustAlsina when we shaking my bed? #ShakeTheWorld," he replied, "I ain’t having sex, I gotta keep harnessing my energy and life force to continue summoning energy for all the spells that’s been casted."

In a follow-up tweet, a fan typed, "This nigga @AugustAlsina just said I put a spell on you…. So we playing with Voodoo now #ShakeTheWorld."

August responded with, "Who said we playing," adding a thinking and smirk emoji.

While it was unclear whether or not August was joking around, he confirmed to XXL today (April 6) that his tweets are "TRUTH."

As far as the song the former 2014 XXL Freshman dropped, which people surmised that it uncovered minor details of August and Jada's relationship, August said at the end of the first verse: "I heard it's some shit that's bound to go down when you got a billion dollars on the elevator/Well, of course some shit was bound to go down when you tangled up with the world's favorite (Ah-ooh)."

Back in 2020, during an interview with radio personality Angela Yee, August revealed that he was in a relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith at one point and that Will Smith, Jada's husband, had given August his approval.

August claimed he was "completely" committed to Jada, who initially responded saying the relationship August Alsina supposedly had with her was false.

Shortly after, Jada came forward on her Red Table Talk series, confessing to Will Smith that she was involved in an entanglement with August Alsina.

August's new track comes about a week and a half after the infamous slap where Will Smith walked onto the Oscars stage and open-hand slapped comedian Chris Rock after the Brooklyn-bred comic made a G.I. Jane-related joke, referencing Jada Pinkett Smith's haircut, which is cut low due to her struggles with hair-loss stemming from her battle with alopecia.

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