Rumors have been floating around the gossip columns for months about Jada Pinkett-Smith allegedly stepping out on Will Smith with August Alsina. Both sides have denied the claims, but that didn't stop the R&B crooner from appearing to joke about the whole situation recently.

On Sunday (May 19), the former XXL Freshman posted a photo to Instagram that shows him with a puffy face and swollen eye.

"A glimpse of my mood and everyday life during allergy season," he captioned the pic. "Everything on me is so swollen. I'm really trying to do music shit for y'all but my allergies are trying to take me out."

After a few people joked that the singer had gotten into a fight, it seems like August decided to play along. He put up a different caption, which implied his swollen face came at the hands of the Fresh Prince's fists.

"Will finally caught up to me about all that Jada crap that was going on in the news," he typed. "& let’s just say, he whooped my axs!! Guess that ALI training really paid off :)."

The affair rumors reached a fever pitch when August put out the song "Nunya (Remix)" in March, which people assumed was about Will's wife. He has since put the rumors to bed.

"I’ve been paying attention to all the theories of conspiracy 😂🙄😐in regard to 'NunYa' Remix," Alsina wrote on Instagram in April. "So Here’s To Clarity, The Song is not about Jada. It’s simply JUST A SONG , & a free artistic expression of a made up narrative already put in place by its ORIGINAL format."

Check out August Alsina's posts below.

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