A man's proposal to his girlfriend goes wrong when the baby falls from atop the stroller, in front of a crowd of onlookers.

You can hear the man state in the beginning of the video “I’m about to make a scene!” Boy did he ever make a scene, probably filled with looks of horror and concern for the baby who hit the floor, and seemingly pretty hard. I know accidents happen, but damn it man! Those retails store floors have no bounce to them, it’s just concrete and marble floors. Trust me, as an adult it hurts when you fall on them.

As the hopeful groom to be is down on one knee, attention is drawn to the couple when someone in the background shouts “Everyone pay attention! He’s proposing to my best friend!” Right at that moment the baby girl rolls off the top of the stroller and falls flat on her back. Why the baby was on top of the stroller to begin with is a mystery, but she seemed to hit the floor pretty hard letting out a loud cry. The man immediately got up and picked the child up to nurture her.

Further in the video the man tells someone behind the camera “Hold up stop, we gonna pause it for a minute... Just, just delete it. We gonna have to pause and do it over again.” Kind of late for that sir, take your lick and go home.

Imagine, all of this unfolds in front of passerby’s who were asked to “pay attention.” Oops, I’d guess that wasn’t apart of the plan, was it? So much for a romantic and heartwarming video. Hopefully the girlfriend eventually said yes to his marriage proposal, but I more so hope the child was not seriously injured.

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