This is like a scene out of a "Grand Theft Auto" video game, only thing is you don't get to put in a cheat code to get the cops off of your tail.

According to, on Tuesday, Feb. 27, two alleged shoplifters scaled a fence to get away from officers who approached them because they fit the description of two persons reported for shoplifting the same morning. They two reportedly took off running toward the front of a building and incidentally found themselves in the secure parking lot of the Peoria, AZ police station. I'm guessing reading isn't one of their strong points because there is a large sign on the front of the building that reads "Peoria Police".

Trust me, it gets better.

The duo, 28-year-old Marwan El Ebadi, and 29-year-old Salma Hourieh, were apprehended after Marwan jumped backed over the fence and Salma tried to hide under a concrete bench.

After they were taken into custody just a few yards away, I'm sure, they were "arrested on suspicion of shoplifting, trespassing in a critical public safety building, and drug charges," said the news site.


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