Chris Brown is being sued by a backup dancer, who alleges she incurred a massive eye infection at the video shoot from a track off his album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon. TMZ obtained court docs from the lawsuit, as well as some pretty gross pics showing the severity of the women's eye infection. Yuck!

Danielle Griffin claims in her lawsuit that she was hired in September 2017 as a backup dancer to perform in the music video for High End featuring Young Thug and Future. In her complaint Griffin says a makeup/wardrobe artist prepped her for one of the scenes by pouring fake blood on her head. The dancer alleged that she wasn't wearing eye protection and became worried when the substance rolled down her face and into her eyes. Griffin goes on to claim she was told the substance wasn't dangerous, but whatever it was, caused an allergic reaction.

As seen in the music video, several dancers had blood-like substances on their faces, prosthetics and various contacts, including Chris himself. However, Griffin appears to be the only person that encountered an allergic reaction. At least she's the only one to come forward, if that's not the case. The dancer's horrific eye infection that caused her to seek medical attention and led to several trips to the ER before it was all said and done. Griffin released released pictures of her eyes showing them to be a swollen, hot mess, with a disgusting pus oozing out of them. Now she's suing Chris Brown for damages.

Griffin's attorney, Arshia Mardasi, said in the course of 24 hours her client received medical care for her eyes at 3 different hospitals. Mardasi went on to claim that the dancer was forced to drop out of school, and lose job opportunity because it took months for her eyes to heal. Danielle Griffin is seeking $25,000 in damages for pain and suffering, to cover lost wages and her medical expenses.


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