Back in the nineties, everyone wanted to see who had the loudest bass in their system. I remember deejaying at T-91 in my hometown of Meridian, and getting this vinyl in from an artist named DJ Magic Mike. I had never heard him before, but I was always interested in new music, so gave it a spin.

When I heard Drop The Bass, I was hooked. The track sampled an old eighties break dance classic, and the scratching in the record was like something I never heard before. Well, after all of these years, I got the chance to meet him last night, as he performed at the Blue Martini.

The event was for Jose Matta birthday party, and the crowd was excited about the party that featured others, including DJ Digital from Lafayette, and DJ Red from Houston.

Check out one of the first songs that I heard from Mike back in the nineties.



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