Are gas station brawls that end up in a bat to the windshield covered by your automobile insurance? I'm asking for a friend because I'm not sure if Flo or the Gecko will foot the bill for the damage these two ladies threw down.

In a video posted to Twitter, you see a car reversing and almost hitting a woman who seems to be wielding a baseball bat. The woman strikes the side of the car and as it attempts to drive away she is met by another woman wielding a bat. The second woman then strikes a second car in view with her bat before that car rear-ends the first car. The video soon ends after one of the women attempts to enter the passenger side of one of the cars.

If there was ever a time to remake the classic baseball film A League of Thier Own<, this would be the time with these two ladies at the top of the list for casting. Both ladies have a mean swing!

According to my co-worker, Buddy Russ, the incident took place at the Shell gas station at the corner of Common and McNeese Street adjacent to the Wendy's.

The video has since gone viral and was posted to the Twitter account of @glenn_jammin10 from Lake Charles, as he shared with the caption "Lake Charles gone wild. Hello 2K19 nice to meet you!"

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