I have had my fill of the Tiger King and have watched it thoroughly. However, I was a little disappointed from the recently found footage of Joe Exotic wanting to use the N word and upset that he couldn't. But from watching the show, you can tell what you're dealing with.

So I figured I would drop my top five movies that I can watch repeatedly over the COVID-19 pandemic going on now. While I may do another list soon, these are some of my favorite movies at this time.

I will say that Netflix has been my friend when finding great movies to watch, from new school to the old school. So here is my top five in no specific order.

Malcolm X- This is a great movie to watch to find out about a great humanitarian who really sparked the change in a lot of young black men. The movie starred Denzel Washington and from the beginning to the end. You are on a roller coaster of a ride with this one.

Bad Boys 1 and 2- Obviously we have to have some comedy in the mix and these two are classics to say the least. If you get to see the third one then you're done. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith really put on for the hip hop police and delivers the action and the laughs from the beginning to the end.

Coming To America- While we anticipate the new one coming out hopefully soon, I can still watch the original and laugh like it's my first time watching the movie. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall carried the movie and playing the various characters in the movie sealed the deal.

Purple Rain- What can be said about this classic. Prince rolled out some of his premiere talent including The Time and Apollonia for the group Apollonia 6 who I thought were the sexiest women that I had seen. The soundtrack is still one of my favorite albums till this day and I can watch the movie over and over especially when he convinced Apollonia to jump in the Lake Minnetonka.

Harlem Nights- This is another classic that featured the elite of comedy at the time in one movie. You had everyone from Robin Harris, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx and Eddie Murphy bringing the laughs. While I can recite alot of the words. This movie never gets old.

Well there you go with my list. I will get back at it again soon with a few more of my favorite things to watch during this time. If nothing else it's all for me take a little time for me to wind down after a long day of reporting and keeping you guys in the loop with the Covid-19.

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