The word is out that one of the comedians who I feel was truly robbed of his career because of his death in 2008 is getting a biopic. I am talking about Chicago legend, Bernie Mac. When he passed, the world seemed a little less funny. He is truly a King of Comedy and held his role in movies like Above The Rim, Guess Who, and of course, The Bernie Mac Show.

The movie is going to be a biopic executive produced by John Legend, and has been signed off by the Bernie Mac estate. The reason why this news is exciting to me is because I had an encounter with Bernie back in the day. I was working at a record store in my hometown, and a friend of mine was bringing him in concert one night. While I didn't know that he was gonna bring him in the store, you can imagine my surprise when I met him. The man was truly a gent and cool as a fan. He was a lover of Jazz music and asked me about some of the latest music at the time. I am sure a lot of you are not familiar with cassettes, but I took him to the section and picked out a couple for him.

He took my recommendations, and I rang him up at the register. We talked a little bit more and he signed a poster we had on the wall promoting the show. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to the poster and I didn't take a picture with him. But that night, he got on stage and had everyone laughing until the end of the show. Just that moment in itself was something I will truly remember. It was long after that when he really blew up and took over the comedy scene. There is no release date on the movie, but as soon as I get more details, I will make sure to let you all know, as I will be the first in the building for that one.

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