Looks like Beyonce could be facing a $20 million lawsuit for her alleged use of sampled vocals on “Formation.”

Though I was under the impression that Big Freedia was the voice you heard on the 2016 hit, apparently it’s Messy Mya’s voice you’re hearing saying “What happened after New Orleans?”

Anthony Barre, known to the world as Messy Mya, was a Youtube star before he was gunned down on November 14, 2010, in the 7th Ward of New Orleans.  Barre’s family want to be compensated and are plaining to sue for $20 million for back royalties and damages, said AllHipHop.

Will they get $20 million? I doubt its but you have to go big and work your way from there in order to get something, if anything. Check back for more on this story as it develops.

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