Blue Ivy just hit the (god) motherload … Again. She’s barely three-weeks-old and the world’s most famous little girl has already been featured on a Billboard-charting song and has been much discussed in the media. Now, word is that her beautiful, famous and bootylicious mama Beyonce and proud papa Jay-Z have selected the former queen of daytime talk TV Oprah Winfrey as Blue’s godmother.

Oprah, who has no children of her own, certainly gave off the maternal vibe during her years on TV, where she played the role of supportive listener to many troubled guests. Oprah opens her arms to the lost souls of the world! But to have Oprah on board as your godmother? That is akin to hitting the godmama jackpot.

As for Blue’s godfather? That’s someone significantly less famous. Jay-Z’s best friend Tyran “Ty Ty” Sith has allegedly been chosen for that crucial role.

Media Takeout reports that Bey and Jay wanted to go with someone outside of their close circle of blood relatives to serve as Blue’s godmother. Yeah, who needs family when you can have one of the richest and most famous women in the world willing to take responsibility for you if something ever happens to your parents? Oprah is also reportedly a close friend of the singer and the rapper.

What’s next for Blue Ivy? The babe certainly leads a charmed life and she hasn’t even uttered her first words or sat up on her own yet.

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