The news over the holidays was about the highly anticipated video for "Family Feud" that featured Beyonce' and Blue Ivy in the clip.Jay has admitted to infidelities within his marriage and the fact that his wife forgave him and they are working thing out. While the new album "4:44" has mixed reviews. I believe that this is the album the Jay- Z finally wanted to release.

It's not the flashy style that he talked about before and there are not many mentions of the drug life that he once lived. But it is a wake up call that talks about everyone from O.J. Simpson to his own mother and her sexual lifestyle. Check out the clip that is directed by Ava Duvernay who is the mind behind the hit series Queen Sugar on OWN.


Jay- Z- "Family Feud":

When I look at the stars in this video. You have to wonder what the budget is like. I am assuming that eventually we will see a full length movie featuring Jay- Z behind the cameras and showing off his major work from his creative mind.

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