Erin Davidson, Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters, stopped by The Afternoon Jump Off yesterday to talk about their 2021 Big Draft Recruitment Campaign to help find mentors for youth who are on the waiting list. We talked about the importance of finding Bigs to mentor Littles in Lake Charles

The draft is to find compassionate and caring individuals who can be matched with a Little. The event will be held tonight at Rikenjaks Brewing Company at 3716 Ryan Street from 5:30pm-7:00pm. I will also be out there broadcasting live along with my friends from our sister station, Gator 99.5. The goal is to recruit at least twenty new volunteer mentors by April 30.

Come out for a fun time and to be informed if you have any questions on how to help Big Brothers Big Sisters. Also, wear your favorite NFL attire to represent your team and possibly be an influence in some Little's life. If you would like more information, click here or call 337-478-5437 for details on enrollment or recruitment.

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