Bryan "Birdman" and his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams have been dragged into a sexual assault case, where a College Park woman from Georgia is holding them responsible for being sexually assaulted.  According to reports the plaintiff Nicole Westmoreland was allegedly invited to a "rented" studio for "a presentation" when she was attacked by one of their associates.




Ms. Westmoreland testified that she was invited to a studio for a meeting, but was sexually assaulted by Alfred Cleveland, an associate of Cash Money Records.  Ironically, Cleveland is already in jail for the attack. However, Ms. Westmoreland is suing Birdman and his brother because they allegedly invited her there and because that was allegedly their friend.

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On top of that, Ms. Westmoreland is accusing Birdaman and Slim of trying to black-mail her buy allegedly offering her $1 million dollars to go away, supposedly threatening to kill her if she didn't.  She is currently seeking unspecified damages and says that she has sought treatment at a mental facility following the traumatic incident.

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