Got a call this morning from a listener who said her child was discouraged from getting on the daily "Birthday Shout-Outs," because if someone was younger than him he wouldn't get a chance to win the cupcakes from Jo's Party House.  She said she didn't agree with the way I select a winner and suggested I do them another way.  She suggested I give everyone a fair shot and put all the names in a hat and pull a winner.

I totally respect the callers suggestion and said I would let the listeners vote on how they want the "Birthday Shout-Outs" to be handled.  At the end of this week whichever why the majority of listeners vote, I will be happy to oblige.  The current way it's done, I simply select the youngest as the winner.

Usually, a persons 1st birthday is a big deal.  It's also hard for my to justify giving a 20 year old cupcakes, over a toddler.  It's not like this is an expensive prize and I just felt the youngest child/person would appreciate them more. If I have more than one person in the "youngest age group", I draw a name to choose a winner.  Secondly, giving our listeners a chance to hear their name on the radio is really why I started the shout-outs.  It was never really about cupcakes.  That was added later, as an extra little something in recognition of a persons birthday.

I realize I can't make everyone happy.  No matter what the decision, someone will have a problem.  However, I'm willing to see what the majority of my listeners think.

So here it is.  Do you think I should stick to the currant way of selecting a Jamz Winner of The Day by selecting the youngest person?  Or do you feel that's not fair and I should put everyone in a hat and pull a winner for the day?

Leave your vote in the comments below and I will do the "Birthday Shout-Outs" the way the majority votes, starting next Monday August 24.

FYI I do "Birthday Shout-Outs"  every weekday morning at 10:30 a.m. CT, during The Midday Show.  I take callers through the morning on our request line, (337) 436-1075, leading up to the shout-outs.  Listeners can also share their birthdays online at  Then I do the shout-outs at 10:30 a.m. and select a Jamz Winner of The Day and they win the cupcakes from Jo's.

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