When it comes to sanging Shae Williams has this on lockdown and continues to kick even more doors down. What alot of folks who know Shae Williams doesn't know that she is right here from Lake Charles. She has a hot song that has taken her to several different places in the world called Ready and the song has made impact on the charts and more. But when she comes home she loves to listen to her favorite station and her favorite dj if I say so myself.

She recently came to town for the holidays and was blasting 107 Jamz and I was in the middle of the 5'o Clock Jumpoff mix with the Hood DJ and he took us back to the early nineties with DJ Jubilee. I don't care where you are from when it comes to bounce music when "Get It Ready" came on the radio, you knew the party was about to turnup. When this song came on the radio Shae is giving you the reaction that you would get when this song comes on the radio.

Erik Tee is about to make me jump out this car!!!! Teddy Goff I'm home!!!! Lake Charles Lake Lake Charles Lake Charles.........LC Baby!!!

Posted by Shae Williams on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I have to show much love to my girl Shae who always comes through in the clutch and there is no way that I could buy this kind of love. I appreciate you and will continue to support you as much as we can. For those who don't have the single "Ready", you should download that right now and check out the video for the single below.


Shae Williams- "Ready"


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