We salutes African Americans who've made & continue to make American history. To the artists, entrepreneur, business moguls, doctors and educators from the canvas to the stage.  To the poets, the authors, the inventors, innovators and trailblazers, we honor and remember them all, this and every Black History Month.

Happy Black History Month! According to Blackfacts.com it was on this day in black history.....

On this day American novelist, editor, and professor, Toni Morrison,  was born in Lorain, Ohio.  Best known for her early novels like The Bluest Eye, Sula and Song of Solomon.  In 1987, Morrison won the Pulitzer Prize for her book Beloved.

Grenon, H. Razor invented the razor stropping device, used the sharpen razors for barbers in particular.  The invention served other purposes and was made of either a flexible strip of leather or canvas.  It was also used to straighten and polish the blade of a straight razor, a knife, even a chisel.  On this day he received Patent No. 554,867 the creation of a device still used today.

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