I believe in celebrating life and the accomplishments of my peers. Today is the official beginning of Black History Month. One thing I truly love about this month is the spotlight is given to many who have created, started, or are succeeding in a world that many would say was not meant for us to succeed in.

There are not many classes in elementary, junior high, or high school like before. However, the invention of the internet has given us the liberty to find everything we want and more. As a matter of fact, it was initially called Negro History Week and was begun in 1926 by historian Carter G. Woodson. Black History month was then proposed at Kent State in February 1969 with the first celebration one year later from January 2 to February 28.

However, Black History Month was celebrated six years later when President Gerald Ford recognized it. This is the perfect time for parents to spend time with their kids and educate them on the importance of their culture and those who paved the way before them.

This is also the time for entrepreneurs to create their futures and create generational wealth for their future offspring. Happy Black History Month to all. Use this time to learn, teach, and grow.

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