Thought Blue Bell was doing the most with their Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream? They just stepped it up another notch, as you let out another notch in your belt. Yesterday, Blue Bell released their Eggnog Ice Cream. The limited-time flavor is currently being stocked on shelves in its traditional half-gallon size.

Blue Bell describes the flavor as being a French vanilla ice cream featuring whipped cream swirls and flakes of nutmeg inside it as well. What I find a touch comical about the release was the comments on their Facebook page. They're almost as random and dumb as a certain TV station's comment section here in Lake Charles. Someone literally complained that they put nutmeg in the eggnog. Almost any "nog" you buy on the shelves will have nutmeg in it, but what's the use in trying to explain that to someone. Other comments asked about their peppermint bark to which Blue Bell replied that it would not be returning this year.

Blue Bell's Eggnog flavor is out on the shelves currently, but I personally haven't seen it as of yet. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the nog!

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