Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's Krayzie and Bizzy Bone — collectively known as the group Bone Thugs — just released a video for their track "If Heaven Had a Cellphone," featuring Tank.

In the clip, the group borrows the overall vibe from their classic "Crossroads" video. In a statement, Krazyie said he and Bizzy came up with the song after they thought about all of the people they've lost throughout the years.

"'If Heaven Had a Cellphone' really awakens the imagination of the listeners, any listener," he explained. "Although I don't believe in the afterlife, all of us at some point have wondered about this after the loss of a family member or a close friend. The 'What if' scenario comes into play and you ask yourself 'What if I had a direct line to speak to my decease loved ones just one more time?'"

"Or, what if heaven had a cellphone, and you had a direct line to God?" added Krayzie. "What would you ask him, or talk about?" So this song really makes a person think about this, even myself as I was writing the song."

"If Heaven Had a Cellphone" is the second single from Bone Thugs' forthcoming New Waves album, due out on June 23. They also released the first single from the project "Comin Home" last month, and Krayzie dropped his album with the Outlawz's Young Noble last month as well.

You can watch the new Bone Thugs video above.

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