After first announcing he was working on an ambitious new album back in April, Boosie Badazz has finally delivered the goods.

The 24-track album, boldly titled BooPac, arrives today (Dec. 15) as a follow-up to 2015's Touch Down 2 Cause Hell. This latest project marks his seventh studio solo album.

Back in September, Boosie reflected on his choice to name the project with a play on 2Pac, explaining to XXL, “I named it BooPac because it was a lot of pressure from my fans to name it BooPac,too. A lot of people didn't grow up on 2Pac. He affected me in a way where he made me want to rap and tell my story. He wasn't afraid to talk about what I went through. So 2Pac was a heavy influence on my career as far as me wanting to not fabricate my story, me wanting to really rap about what I really went through.”

He then further elaborated, adding, “[Another reason] why I really named it BooPac because to a generation, I was their 2Pac. What 2Pac did to me is he touched me with his music. He’s the only one that ever made me shed a tear off a song. And I have that characteristic to my fans. My fans come tell me I’m their 2Pac. Their mamas who love 2Pac come tell me that I’m the closest to 2Pac."

The project, which features guest appearances from Yung Bleu, London Jae, B. Will and Lee Banks, also includes previously released singles, “God Wants Me to Ball,” “Don Dada,” and “Cocaine Forever.”

Take a listen to Boosie BadAzz’s BooPac below via Apple Music.

Boosie Badazz's BooPac Tracklist

1. "Don Dada" Feat. B. Will and Lee Banks
2. "Real Shooter"
3. "God Wants Me to Ball" Feat. London Jae
4. "Webbie I Remember"
5. "Cocaine Fever"
6. "Liar"
7. "I Hope You Make It"
8. "Me & Mama"
9. "I'm That Nigga Now"
10. "Me, Myself & I"
11. "Different Cloth"
12. "My Pain Runs Deep"
13. "Everything"
14. "Heartless Hearts"
15. "You Don't Know Me Like That"
16. "Get Ya Mind Right"
17. "Real Friends"
18. "Let Me Know" Feat. Yung Bleu
19. "Motherless Child"
20. "I Testify"
21. "Semi On Me" Feat. Yung Bleu
22. "Wrong Role Model"
23. "Get Me Outta Here"
24. "Trust Nobody"

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