Today in Tha Wire R. Kelly isn't the only star getting jacked for truck loads of loot. Rap star Tyga is dealing with a similar situation after crooks, robbed his high end boutique in L.A. TMZ reports the rapper's Last Kings retail store was looted for more than $50K in merch. LAPD haven't ruled out the fact that if could've been an inside job, as they search for suspects. So far no arrests have been made.

Tyga's clothing store opened in 2013, and the grand opening was epic. For that matter the flagship store is dope! Peep Tyga below giving you the low-down on what inspired him to do the line, and open the store.

The thugs left a lot of damage behind, as they made off with a ton of high priced loot. Among the expensive property taken is a $800 flat screen, $500 iPad, an empty safe worth $250, and $1,600 in security system equipment. The grand total of the Rack City rappers losses are at $53,150. Ouch!

According to reports authorities were called to the store, after a employee went to work and discovered the shop had been burglarized.

In quick news, Nelly will close out 2017 on a good note as the rape charges have been dropped. AllHipHop reports rapper/actors accuser has dropped her case, and now refuses to cooperate with prosecutors. As previously reported a 21-year old woman filed rape charges against Nelly, claiming he sexually assaulted her in his tour bus back in October. Of course the rap star has been extremely vocal about the allegations, insisting he's completely innocent.

Last month the case was dropped by detectives at the Auburn Police Department. After concluding their investigation, they handed the case over to the King County Prosecutor’s office in Washington for possible criminal charges. However they can't proceed without the alleged victim's cooperation. So that's a wrap.

TMZ reported Nelly's lawyer Scott Rosenblum predicted early on that after a thorough investigation, there'd be no charges. Thankfully he was right. Rosenblum statedthe only victim was his client. Now the star is completely off the hook.

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