Today in Tha Wire, what a difference a few day make. Earlier this week I brought you the story of R. Kelly's homes being robbed in the Atlanta area. Police, including the star believed a long-time friend and employee, was the culprit behind the home invasions. The NY Daily News reports that was absolutely true. The good news is, the man is now in custody. The bad news is that the mastermind behind the double home burglaries, was in fact his old friend, and right-hand man, Alfonzo Walker. With friends like these.......

Walker decided to rob both homes located in Atlanta, GA., while Kells was on tour in New Orleans over the Thanksgiving holiday. The R&B singers housekeeper and neighbors were among the first to alert authorities. As previously reported, Walker told a curious neighbor R. Kelly was moving, and that's pretty much what they told the police. In the latest details Johns Creek police pulled up, and the burglary was still in progress. Walker and his so-called moving team, was still on the scene!

The robberies took place over the course of two days, between November 26-27. When police confirmed Kells didn't authorized the removal of his belongings, they detained the fake movers. Ironically Walker was not arrested at that time. He was actually arrested Tuesday December 13, 2017. It's still unclear if he turned himself in, or if police went and got him.

Back when the robbery was in progress, Walker told police that he was helping Kelly move his organization to Chicago. After the thieves pulled off the heist, AJC reports investigators they started selling off the Pied Piper's belongings online. Authorities believe they were getting rid of a lot of the high priced items, by selling entire rooms at a time! Police have recovered some of the stolen objects already, and even managed to catch up to one of Walker's online customers. The man claimed he paid nearly 6K for some of singer's prized possessions.

Alfonzo Walker is currently in custody, and the investigation into other suspects involved in the double-home heist continues. The 50-year old is facing felony and misdemeanor charges including theft by deception, theft by taking and burglary in the first degree. Meanwhile the hunt for more of R's loot also continues. For more details on this story, listen up to Tha Wire for the scoop right here on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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