Louisiana's oil and gas industry does not need to be kicked while it is down. That is the message that Congressman, and candidate for U.S. Senate, Charles Boustany is proclaiming loudly in the nation's capital.

The Lafayette Congressman says that a proposed $10 per barrel tax on oil being championed by the President to help pay for a 21st century clean transportation system is a bad idea. Especially with oil prices as low as they are and layoffs in the oil industry as high as they are.

Boustany told the Louisiana Radio Network, 

Those taxes will get passed on down to the pump. And this will hurt the families who depend on these jobs and families who are already hurting now.

Boustany has introduced legislation that would block the proposed tax. The congressman said that the President's arbitrary tax to fund his environmental agenda is not in the best interest of the nation.

To illustrate that point Boustany pointed out that the nation's economic growth had slowed to .07% in the last quarter of 2015. Largely because of the impact of issues in the oil and gas sector.

That's not good. How can we create jobs and opportunity in this country with that kind of very anemic growth. This type of policy will cause further harm across our economy and it's just not a good idea.

Boustany suggested that the President's policies would further hurt Louisiana families that have already been impacted by the fluctuation in oil prices over the past year.



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