The 58th Annual GRAMMYs had more misses than hits, and things got off on the wrong foot right out of the gate with Bow Wow hilariously flubbing the intro—three times in a row.

Bow Wow—real name Shad Moss—was set on kicking off the night with crazy energy, but the only problem is his watch didn't seem to be set on the same time as the GRAMMYs clock.

A lot of us didn't even see the intro due to local programming, but wondered why we seemingly joined the show already in progress with Taylor Swift on stage.

This may or may not be the reason why.

He was ready on the left. He was ready on the right. The New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band was marching through the crowd. Finally, the show was ready to begin and with a barrel of confidence Bow Wow enthusiastically handed the show off to host LL Cool J!

Except he was 1:30 too soon! Whoops!

No big deal—he's a professional, right? Stretch, stretch, stretch. This isn't anything new for a seasoned professional like Bow Wow. Improv a bit, find your composure and then right at the perfect time; BOOM—he hands it off to host LL Cool J!

Nope. Still 1:00 too soon. Yikes!

OK, this is terrible. What to do? OK, stretch some more—talk to this random guy in the crowd.  Dance a little bit. Third time's a charm right?

Wrong. Still :30 to go. WELP.

At this point, Bow Wow should have just packed it up and gone home. If it makes him feel any better, the show didn't get much better after his miscues. Technical sound issues, artist cancellations and and overall flat vibe consumed the majority of the show.

He did acknowledge the jumping of the gun on Twitter and seemed to be a good sport about the whole thing.

Overall, Bow Wow did a solid job hosting the pre-show. Better luck next year?

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