After Bow Wow dropped Ignorant Shit, his collaborative effort with Soulja Boy last week, his fans were likely convinced the rapper-turned-actor found his passion for music again. Although Bow obviously created good chemistry on the album with Soulja, he'll only drop one more project before calling it quits.

The 29-year-old's final LP, Underrated, has a reputation similar to Dr. Dre's Detox album as it has been teased for the last five or six years and has yet to come to fruition— but, it's still coming.

Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, scrapped the original version of the project he created a few years back and started over fresh. "Yea, this gon' be a new one," Bow Wow tells XXL of his final album. "I mean, I got new records that I've been kind of messing with. I think after this mixtape [Ignorant Shit] and the vibes that I caught with this, I kinda want to start over again. For me, I've been listening to the records for so long that they just feel old to me—even though it might be new to the world. I'm definitely going to go in the studio and [create] way more records for Underrated."

He's also aware of the all the talk that has come with the delay. "I'm definitely ready to put it out," says Bow Wow. "It's been years. I know I've been saying that I was going to put it out and people are making jokes like, 'This is Detox,' but I'm really going to put it out. I'm going to close my career with the album. That's going to be the last one. I always said by the time I'm 30, I don't want to rap anymore."

As for where Bow Wow plans to set his sights following the LP, he's following the footsteps of a Bad Boy. "I'm trying to take over where Puff left off—he's the OG," Bow Wow shares. "I want to move in that lane and give back to the culture of hip-hop in a different way—other than putting out music. I want to find talent in another way and have TV shows on-air that we don't have no more. I want to build a platform."

The album, which Bow Wow previously stated will be produced by Snoop Dogg, will likely arrive in the spring of 2017. "I'm thinking about putting out Underrated for sure next year," he reveals. "If I can do what I think I can do in the time that I can do it in, I'll definitely have it out by my birthday, March 9. It's definitely coming at the top of the year for sure—I got one more year. I'm on my Paul Pierce vibe. This is it."

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