One of the biggest r&b groups from the nineties had to be Boyz II Men. I remember the first time I heard Motownphilly and felt like it was something I had never heard before. The years passed and they contiinued to break records and stay at the top of the charts.

While the hits haven't been like they were initially they are still touring and making plenty of money on the road. Which Is why I was shocked when I saw the latest Geico commercial and saw that Boyz II Men were in it. While it's a funny concept as most Geico commercials are, I need the fellas to get back in the studio and give us more of the great music they are known for. But in the mean time check out the blooper reel of the commercial below. You will see that it's not as easy as people think.


Now check out the final cut of the fellas who are rocking with the popular acapella style that they are known for. Props to the guys for still keeping it relevant, but can we please get some new musicsoon?


Check out the Motownphilly video, the one that kicked it all off for them.



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