How do you celebrate 20 years in the music industry? If you’re Motown-Philly group Boyz II Men, you release a new album!

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the group is coming out with a new album, called ‘Twenty’, which will feature new songs and reworked versions of some of their best-known work.

Boyz II Men made their debut in 1991 with ‘Cooleyhighharmony.’ Songs like ‘End of the Road’ and ‘It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday’ helped them sell more than nine million copies. Their second album, ‘II,’ sold 12 million copies.

On the new album, Shawn Stockman — who makes up the trio along with Wanya Morris and Nathan Morris (Michael McCrary left the group in 2003 due to health issues) — said the group hopes to make some new fans while keeping their old ones happy. “It’s our 20th anniversary, so we wanted to not only give our listeners something new, but [for] our new listeners…an anthology” he said.

Check out Boyz II Men’s ‘Motown Philly’ below.

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