Bragging and not paying attention cost this man a pricey lesson, at the hands of thieves.

Over the weekend Jordan Brand and Nike released a pair of all-black Jordan Retro 12’s, and I know a few people who were lucky enough to avoid retail lines and successfully purchase a pair from the privacy and safety of their homes. Standing in line for a any shoe is absolutely ridiculous.

Stealing is a terrible act to commit, he can blame himself for being braggadocios and not paying attention to his surrounding, as the people in the video he was with were stealing some of the alleged $10,000 worth of Jordan Retro 12’s he had in the trunk of his SUV. In the words of the late Redd Foxx who played Fred G. Sanford on 70’s sitcom “Sandford  and Son,” to the guy in the video I say "You big dummy!”

Had the man listened to one of his friends in the background, his actions wouldn't be the topic of discussion. At the same time, I wouldn’t call anyone of those guys friends. My friends wouldn’t have let that go down that way. Of course, I wouldn’t ride around with 10K worth of shoes in the trunk of my car either.

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