It's true.  The rumors of Tyrann Mathieu visiting McNeese State University have been confirmed. 


The news was confirmed in a statement released by MSU Sports Information Director, Mattew Bonnette Saturday at about 12 noon.  Bonnette stated that MSU head coach Matt Viator met with Tyrann late Friday evening.

Coach Viator said, "I received a call from Tyrann after practice on Friday that he wanted to come and meet with us.  We contacted LSU to get permission to talk to him and he arrived on campus later that night.  We visited for an hour-and-a-half and then he went back home to New Orleans."


So what's the deal.  Is it a DONE deal?  Is Tyrann Mathieu really coming to MSU?  For now MSU officials are disputing that notion.  However at first, they also said that they didn't speak to Tyrann.  So, who knows.  At this point McNeese State University is saying, "To McNeese's knowledge, Mathieu has not made a decision on his intentions and there will be no other comments from McNeese about the issue at this time."

In the meantime, Tiger fans continue to react to the shocking news.


Even though Tiger fans have seen this before, it's the first time a high profile player such as Mathieu has been dismissed.  As news of his departure sinks in, fans are having mixed feelings about it.  It looks like the overall feelings are coming from both disappointment and aggravation.  However, most people trust coach Les Miles decisions, so though they hate to see Tyrann leave, most people understand that coach Miles did what he had to do.

As far as Tyrann's talks with McNeese, we will keep you posted.


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