The inaugural event will take place Wednesday, February 1 at Burton Coliseum at 8:30 a.m. in loving memory of their son Brody. The Meaux's lost their beloved child in 2019 to complications of MECP2 Duplication Syndrome. The disease causes progressive deterioration of bodily functions with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities almost exclusively in males. Brody was only 20 when he passed away.

JoAnn told the American Press, “BRODEO was started all because God chose to bless my husband and I with his precious angel,” she added. “This rodeo is done in memory of him,” and is actually going to be one day before his birthday, February 2.

BRODEO is also a perfect way for the Meaux's to give back to the community and opportunities for local children with special needs to experience a rodeo. JoAnn said of the event, "It is extremely important to me personally for these children to be given everything any other child has the chance to experience in life,” she continued. “Special needs children didn’t ask for the body they were given, and should never be restricted by anybody from all life experiences."

Mrs. Meaux explained a lot of planning went into BRODEO to make sure it will be beneficial for children with special needs. She said, “I have researched this special needs rodeo for quite a while, and have designed it with consideration for all needs of the child with special needs from mild to severe, even including wheelchairs.” JoAnn said she worked closely with her committee to ensure they can accommodate all 175 elementary special education kids that have been invited to attend.

According to the American Press kids will be participating in a wide variety of real rodeo activities such as Bucking Bull, Rope the Steer, Barrels, and Poles. They will also have a chance to meet rodeo queens, cowgirls, clowns, and much more. Plus, themed BRODEO backdrops and chuckwagons will be on hand so everyone could mark the first annual event.

Proceeds will be donated to MECP2 Duplication Syndrome research and the Brody Meaux Memorial Scholarship. This is a 4-H scholarship, given to a livestock exhibitor in Calcasieu every year. The Meaux's thanked everyone for helping to bring BRODEO to fruition including the sponsors, volunteers, the event coordinator, and teachers.

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