When it comes to having fun, that is something that we love to make happen for all of our listeners out there. A few years ago we gave some listeners a chance to come out and cheer us on as we participated in the Gator Grand Prix. Big Boy Chill and I were racers in the race. No, we did not win, but it was fun nonetheless for our listeners and for us to participate.

Well, guess what we are doing it again. However, the name has changed to the Patriot Grand Prix, and this time around one lucky listener will have the chance to race on our behalf in flashy Go-Kart to get you going. That is right! One lucky person will have the chance to race for The People's Station 107 Jamz to see just how fast you really can be.

The event will be held on Saturday, October 23 at the Burton Coliseum, with an event that will be happening all day with music and fun for everyone. In order to be the 107 Jamz designated driver, you must be 21 years of age or older in order to participate. You also have to have the 107 Jamz app downloaded to your mobile device as that will be the only way to qualify to win your spot.  Make sure you are listening weekdays with the Big Homie Erik Tee this week around 5:50 for him to give you a tip on how you can enter. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 18 inside The Afternoon Jumpoff with Erik Tee. The winner will be able to bring out some of your family and supporters to cheer you on. You will also receive a specially designed hat from The People's Station 107 Jamz, and VIP passes to the festival. If you would like more details and information on the Patriot Grand Prix, visit patriotgrandprix.com.

EriK Tee
EriK Tee


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