Well yesterday after weeks of excitement, Barbe High School held their graduation for their 2016 seniors. This was big for me as my son was in that graduating class. Now some folks may not even look at this as an accomplishment but for me I am overly happy with joy.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

When we look in the news daily and see how our youngsters are so lost. With me having the opportunity to see my son graduate, I am floored with excitement. There are so many parents who will never get to see their child graduate due to the senseless violence that is plaguing the world. Another thing is that so many of our young men are incarcerated, and to have my son be focused on moving on to better himself is wonderful. It was also a joy for me to have my mother and son to attend the graduation. On the real the last graduation my mother attended was mine in 92.


I have to show love to all of the high school seniors and the same way that I tell my son on a regular basis is that he is the future. He has a limitless future and has so much to accomplish and that he can do. The resources that he has can take him so much further in the future. So yes I am a proud father of a high school graduation and look forward to him doing it again in the next few years with a college degree. Make sure you parents are involved in your kids lives and let them know how much you love them and watch that love be returned to you. Alright let me get back to the happiness that is inside of me as I help my son prepare for his next chapter.,


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