My mom battled pneumonia three different times and came back a trooper. Unfortunately, it compromised her breathing over the years and had her dependent on oxygen until the very end. While I saw the pain she went through and wished I could take it away, I never thought I'd ever come close to what she dealt with.

About two weeks ago before the winter storm, it rained all day on a Friday here in Lake Charles. I was prepared, as I had my hoodie on and a rain jacket, and was covered very well. As the day passed, I remembered I had something in the car and needed to run out to get it. I didn't think about covering my head and ran out to the car. Unfortunately, it was still raining, and I ended up getting wet. I came back in and didn't think too much else about it.

I dried off and got back to work. Fast-forward to Sunday, and I started feeling bad. I had a fever and my temperature was through the roof. To make matters worse, the winter storm was coming. I had started doctoring on myself with over-the-counter medication and was resting but nothing was helping. My wife brought me to the doctor on Thursday, and I was tested for COVID, which was negative, but I was diagnosed with an acute bronchitis infection.

The doctor immediately placed me on medication to combat it with steroids, inhalers, and various medicines. When I tell you I wouldn't wish this on anyone, take my word for it. The coughing is annoying enough, but getting winded and not being able to take many steps or move abruptly without getting out of breath is crippling, to say the least. I have been on the medicine for about four days now, and while the coughing is not as bad, it is still there and the shortness of breath is still a thorn in my side.

I know I will get better, but this is another reason to continue to wear your mask as you never know what you may be running into. I am back on your radio today at 2:00pm, but bear with me if I am not the high energy guy you're used to. I could pass out trying to get over the top. I'm mostly joking, but also slightly serious. Take care of yourselves everyone and look out for others, as this pandemic is still very top of mind.

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