Words can not express how much we miss Buddy Russ at Townsquare Media. Things have been different and much quieter (not a good thing) with him being gone. His laugh is what I miss the most. Yet, we all know he is soaring above the clouds in a much better place.

Though Russ is not here physically, he is still here spiritually, doing what he did best, and that's helping people. Recently, Buddy Russ blessed a local family in a major way. A young man and his aide had been in a horrific hit-and-run car accident. They were okay, but their van was totaled.

It wasn't just any van. It was a wheelchair-accessible van. How they survived the accident is nothing short of a miracle, by the way. This young man and his aide were hit by a vehicle on a high-speed chase while running from police, then hit by a school bus after being thrown into another lane of oncoming traffic.

God was with them! There is no doubt about it. Then right when they needed it, Buddy Russ swooped in to offer this family an extra special blessing in the aftermath. Read this amazing story below. (caution this is a tear-jerker)

Special thanks the David Conrad, Russ's sweetheart of a dad, who was instrumental in getting the van to Sam and Katie Dupre for sharing this heartwarming story. We got ourselves a Guardian Angel! I know Buddy Russ wouldn't have it any other way.

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