Today in Tha Wire TMZ reports rap legend, Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman got into a shoot-out at his house last night. The good news is the only one that got hurt was the intruder. Police say 20-yr old DeMonte Jackson, attempted to rob the rap stars home and actually knocked on Bun's door! The incident went down around 5:45 pm, while Bun and his wife Queenie were both home.

Thinking it was a delivery man, Queenie answered the door, according to CNN only the thief on the other side wearing a mask. Jackson shoved a gun in her face, grabbed her and demanded she give up her rings, money and any other valuables. At the same time the UGK legend heard his wife scream, grabbed his gun at the sound of the commotion and rushed down the stairs to her aid.

Queenie was thinking fast and reportedly tried offer Jackson her Audi, trying to lead him out of the house. He went for it and headed for the garage. About the same time Bun B caught up with Jackson and confronted him, just as he was getting into his wifes car. From there the two men reportedly engaged in a shootout, that resulted in Jackson being hit and running from the scene.

A few hours the injured 20-yr old showed up to a Houston Hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Authorities made a positive ID on Jackson, and arrested him as soon as the hospital released him. Jackson is now in custody and has been charged with 2 counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and 1 count of burglary.

It's not clear if he knew the house he was trying to rob was Bun B's crib or not, however it's incredibly sad the WE keep committing crimes especially against ourselves. Thank God Bun nor his wife were injured in the ignorant crime. Bun and his wife have not been charged.

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