SWLA youth ages 1-14 are encouraged to attend the Jr. Deputy Academy 2022. This is an annual event, hosted by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office (CPSO,) with the purpose of educating and promoting good moral character. If you think this is a great way to spend idle time or think this program would be beneficial to your kids, sign them up now.

The CPSO Jr. Deputy Academy takes place a couple of times per year and each session lasts for six weeks. The program is hosted in various locations throughout SWLA and there are usually 100 cadets in attendance every session.


The academy is hosted by the CPSO and offers a unique opportunity for children to see what Sheriff deputies actually do in the community. Plus, they will learn the value of good moral character, teamwork, leadership skills, and much more. If you plan to have your child participate, don't miss the registration and meet & greet event at Ward 3 Recreation Center at 310 Power Center Parkway, in Lake Charles. on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:00 p.m.

Because seating is limited, pre-registration is required. For more info or questions please call (337) 936-1746.

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