Are you looking for a rewarding career and want to serve the citizens of your hometown or Parish? Then we have just the job for you! The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office (CPSO) In Lake Charles is hiring!

The CPSO will be holding a recruitment day this Friday, August 12th.  Why should you become a Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Deputy? Well, I have a few thoughts.

Many of you know that I used to work at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office but maybe some of you may not have known that but I did. I worked there from 1993 to 2003. During my time at the CPSO, I worked in Corrections, Communications, and Patrol.

Mike Soileau
Mike Soileau

When you put on that uniform you have a sense of pride and service. I was always proud to tell people where I worked and what I did for a living. It's like a family at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office but the most rewarding thing is serving our community.

While I was on patrol, I was a patrolman for a couple of years before becoming a field training officer (FTO). It was my job to train the new officers who just got out of the academy on patrol.

It is a serious job to not only serve and protect the citizens of Calcasieu Parish but to train new recruits to do the same thing while making sure they know how to keep themselves safe while patroling our streets.

Mike Soileau
Mike Soileau a Policeman? (Photo provided by Mike Soileau)

I really never considered it a job while working at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. I considered it a duty and did it with honor and pride for the badge and for all those who came before me and also the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

If you are ready to do the same, make sure you are at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office's recruitment day this Friday, August 12th.  They are hiring for positions in corrections, communications, and patrol.

Call (337)494-4531 for more information and to sign up. I salute you for stepping up to the plate!

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