Today in Tha Wire, looks like this week is going from bad to worse for NFL superstar Cam Newton. For starters, his ears are still ringing from the concussion the Panthers quarterback suffered during last Sunday's game against the Falcons. According to reports, he may not being cleared to play in Monday's game, when his team is scheduled to take on the Buccaneers at home. As part of the league's concussion protocol, NFL docs met with him Monday, but haven't released him yet.

Meanwhile, TMZ Sports reports Newton's been hit with a lawsuit for trashing a Beverly Hills mansion over Super Bowl weekend. Cam rented the stunning crib in March to the tune of $123k for 61 days from tech mogul, Jared Pobre. Though his team lost, evidently Cam was trying to shake it off by getting his party on, but he may have got a lil too turnt-up. Now he's being accused of causing more than $100k in damage to the home and property.

Cam Newton mansion rental- ComplexNews via Getty Images
Cam Newton mansion rental- ComplexNews via Getty Images

TMZ obtained court docs for the lawsuit, which state the football star knew he wasn't supposed to have any parties or more than 8 people in the house, because he signed an agreement. On top of that, the housekeeper is supposedly the snitch! Not only did the football star throw several parties, but his guests left cigarette ashes (another no-no) all over the house. Apparently, the housekeeper was keeping Pobre informed on what was going on at the house during Cam's stay. The lawsuit explains the Panthers QB was even warned to stop wildin' out by Pobre himself, but that obviously didn't change much. Peep the video below for more on this story.

Pobre claims once the football star moved out, his house was trashed. The suit accuses Newton of breaking an expensive refrigerator, destroying a $32k rug, ruining linen, and even causing water damage to the floors. According to TMZ, the damage total was at $90,324.47. Pobre went after Cam immediately, but he never got paid.

Since then, Pobre says he made the home repairs, but it took more than 2 months to complete. So, in addition to the $90k in damages, he's tacking on $180k for lost rent and legal fees. Now the new total Cam owes stands at a whopping, $270,324.47!

So far, Cam Newton hasn't made any comments on the lawsuit, but if he does, or if anything else goes down, I'll keep you in the know. For all things entertainment, check out Tha Wire twice a day, every weekday at 12:50pm and 3:50pm, only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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