Cassidy finds himself in trouble with the law yet again. According to TMZ, the Philadelphia rapper was recently arrested for marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia in Jersey City, N.J.

The celebrity gossip site says police originally approached Cassidy because they smelled a strong stench of marijuana coming from a van he was posted up in. Apparently, there was a joint resting in plain sight on the dashboard, which was one of the first things cops spotted. Of course, they also found a weed grinder and a bag of tree upon further inspection.

Interestingly, the police also found that Cass had outstanding warrants for the same two offenses in another county. Yikes.

Cassidy is now looking at two court dates for his previous charge and the ones he was just arrested for. He's yet to comment on the matter, but this doesn't look great for the Philly MC.

We haven't heard too much from Cassidy lately, but this past spring, he took threw some shots at new school rappers. Speaking with DJ Vlad, he said that he felt there should be a bigger audience for the rap game's premier lyricists.

"Niggas can continue to make album covers and music that I don't choose to listen to. It's like who am I?" he said. "I'm just Cass. But at the end of the day, it should be a market for the music that got bars, that's creative. There's a fan base for that."

Hopefully, Cass is able to avoid any serious consequences for his arrest.

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