I know it's super hot, and everybody's headed to the nearest water hole to cool down. For the next fews days, make sure you do all your water activities in a swimming pool. KPLC-TV reports there is a HEALTH ADVISORY at just about all the beaches and local waterways in SWLA, do to HIGH LEVELS OF BACTERIA in the water. Make no mistake, this is a matter that everyone should take seriously. Dr. B.J. Foch, with the Region V Office of Public Health explains the health threat below:

Dr Foch explained, Louisiana Beach Monitoring Program routinely takes water samples at 24 beaches, every week from April to October. He said they are testing specifically for enterococci bacteria, which can pose a serious health risk. According to Dr. Foch, enterococcus, is usually found in sewage pollution and could cause disease, infections and rashes.

KPLC-TV reported last night, 11 of the 14 beaches in SWLA have "posted" swim advisories.  The high levels were found in the following areas: Constance Beach, Gulf Breeze, several Holly Beach sites, Lake Charles North, Lake Charles South, Little Florida, Martin, and Rutherford Beaches. Please respect these warnings. On that same note, the beaches are not closed. The signs simply mean swimming is not advised, because the water is not safe. The bacteria levels are especially dangerous to small kids, elderly, those with a weak immune system, and chronically ill.

To avoid getting water borne illnesses, Dr. Foch advised people take the following precautionary measures: Avoid getting water into your mouth, keep your head above the water to prevent water from getting in the nose and eyes, and finally never get into water with an open cut or wound.


See a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms after swimming at a beach - nausea, diarrhea, are vomiting, feeling feverish or have body aches.

Get weekly test results from the Louisiana Beach Monitoring Program.

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