Happy Birthday to me. That's right, today is my birthday and unlike many years prior, this one is a little different. On today, my family just like normal wished me a Happy Birthday, with my wife making me a grand breakfast and my son in his witty way wishing me a loud Happy Birthday.

However, it's a little different as normally we move around the city for bit and I am taking out to one of my favorite restaurants or being taken away from the city for a couple of days. But none of that is going on this year. While it is a little disappointing, I still have plenty to be happy about and that is that I made it to see another year.

The world is really at a standstill now. There is not much mobility in the city and things are not popping off like they normally would. But I am still more then happy to be here to celebrate another year.

What's most important to me is my health and, of course, my family. At this very moment, I can say that both of them are intact and when this is all over, we will all be able to go out and have fun like we usually do. So Happy Quarantine Birthday to me. If this means that I am hear to see many more, then let's quarantine away.

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