One of my favorite people in the city is Jarvis Jacob. He's always been a humble person and the same every time I see him out and about. We know that things are critical now and people are not able to move as freely as we usually do. But that didn't stop Jarvis from giving a mini-show of what he is capable of doing.

You can usually catch him along with the Southern Gents on Soulful Sundays along with DJ Chef Jeff doing his thing inside the Blue Martini where they bring the city out for great music and entertainment. Now just in case you have never heard Jarvis before or you just need a quick brain break, check out his rendition of Boyz II Men's "Motownphilly".

When this all blows over, you can check him out back in full action taking your mind off the hard week with some great songs. Be on the lookout for more big things to come from Mr. Jacob and The Southern Gents, coming to a stage near you.

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Southwest Louisiana's Heroes

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