Chamillionaire sat down with the Madd Hatta Morning Show and while he was there gave a detailed account of what happened the time Michael Jordan was rude to him at a charity event.

According to the H-Town MC, he only wanted a picture with the greatest of all time after purchasing one of his jerseys in a charity auction. When Chamillionaire ran into at the same event and asked for a picture MJ allegedly told him “I don’t take pictures with n****’s.”

Jordan later suggested that the rapper pay him directly what he payed for the auctioned jersey and he would then take a picture with him.  Chamillionaire says at that point he was ready to swing on the NBA legend. He did admit that he still purchases Jordan brand shoes, because and I quote, “We ain’t finna make that dude any broker than he is. It’s already too late.” Jordan is a billionaire, so what if one person stops buying his shoes, he’d still be filthy rich.

To get the fool scoop on what went down watch the clip above.

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