Texas rap superstar, Chamillionaire, has been spending time off the music scene making others business moguls. Turns out, the Grammy Award-winning rapper has a good eye for start-up business potential and making major dough. Forbes reports his investment of $1.5M into Maker Studios when it later grossed $20M and Disney purchased it for $700. Chamillionaire's investments include Cruise acquired by General Motors for $1 billion, ring later purchased by Amazon and was one of the early investors in Lyft.

The Source reports a couple of years ago Chamillionaire launched a $100K program to invest in women-owned start-up businesses. CNBC reports the music star holds investments in more than 40 start-up companies right now. Currently he along with 53 investors that include the likes of Shark Tank star and FUBU owner, Damon John and legendary rapper, E40 to expand a Texas-based condiment company. Ironically it's owned by a 16-year old and called Sienna Sauce.

So far his crowd investment campaign, Republic.co, has raised $10,000 to help another start-up. was one of the first out of the 53 investors in Sienna Sauce’s crowdfund. The H-Town music mogul said on his Republic.co, “Sienna Sauce was a runner-up in my pitch competition and I really like tracking this company.” He went on to say, “I invested in Sienna Sauce because I back startups that have domain expertise, resiliency, and a roadmap that I believe could potentially lead to success.”

Making lives better one day at a time. I love it!

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