Charlamagne the God awarded ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith “Donkey of the Day,” and called him a “wack ass supervillain,” for his threats against Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant.

Stephen A. made the accusation that when Kevin Durant’s free-agency comes around that the Los Angeles Lakers will be the front runners to gain him on their roster, to which Kevin Durant responded with the called him a liar.

“I don’t talk to Stephen A. Smith at all. Nobody in my family, my friends, they don’t talk to Stephen A. Smith. So he’s lying… If you ask me a question, I’ll talk about them. But like I said before, I have people who I talk to about everything and I know for a fact they didn’t talk to him, so he’s making up stories.”  - Kevin Durant

The ESPN analyst didn’t take too kindly to K.D.s’ rebuttal and went on a rant during ESPN’s First Take, and even threatened Kevin Durant saying, "You don't want to make an enemy out of me.” What exactly that statement means is beyond many of us, but we’ll see how things turn out when Kevin Durant's free-agency come’s around.

Watch Stephen A.’s full response to K.D. below.