Outspoken conservative Tomi Lahren basically got roasted by The Daily Show's Trevor Noah on the show. They talked about plenty of things like Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter and plenty of other things that she is never shy about talking about. In case you missed the video, check it out below.

Everyone has opinions on how they feel that things should be handled, but there is no way that she could say that she represented her channel The Blaze very well. As a matter of fact, she was scheduled to appear on The Breakfast Club, and apparently the appearance was cancelled, and Charlamagne talks to TMZ to tell them why.

I think she should really do a little more research on certain topics when she decides to make an appearance on any other medium outside of her home channel. She has been talking about alot of things lately that has angered plenty of folks and thinks she knows it all when it comes down to it, but I think she is sadly mistaken.


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