On Wednesday night the number one show on Fox Tv returned with part two of the second season of "Empire". We were proud to be apart of this big night with our media partner Fox 29 here in Lake Charles. The event was held at 3Topia and kicked off around 7 pm. Before we headed over there, Ashley Turner came through and gifted us with some goodies from the Empire crew and the treats were nice.


That night 3Topia was at capacity as folks came in to watch "Rosewood" and then closed the night out with "Empire". There was plenty of drama and questions that were finally answered that night. There was also the intro to more drama that will be surely will be coming up for the remaining season. Check out some of the cool photos with some happy people who came through to show love and support that night.


Thanks again to our family at Fox 29 for allowing us to be apart of the event and thanks also to everyone who came through to hang out for the night. We are looking out for the next big event that will be coming up.

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